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Since 2003, Higgins Tennis has run innovative tennis programs in Marin. Over the last 20 years, thousands of adults and children have learned and played tennis with our pros at such locations as the Belvedere Tennis Club, The Ranch Recreation Department, Tiburon, Marin Country Day School, Mark Day School, Saint Hilary’s, and the Lycée Français just to name a few. Our team of pros have taught countless players to play at both recreational and competitive levels and developed many top level junior and adult players including teams that went on to become NorCal USTA team local and regional champions. 


William Higgins owns and runs Higgins Tennis USA in Marin and San Francisco, and Higgins Tennis Nederland in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our pros are world class teachers and players who constantly inspire their students with classes that focus on comraderie, sportspersonship, and developing professional technique with our unique games-based approach to learning that introduces competition in a fun way. Come join us and become a part of their exciting program.


Adult Tennis 

Youth Tennis

Summer Camp

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Adult Group Lessons
In our classes, you will learn professional technique from Day 1, get a great workout, learn strategy for singles & doubles, and have a great time playing games designed for your level that are fun and challenging.  Come on out and learn this great game and meet some new friends too

Programs we offer:

Beginner Tennis
Get in the game with this class designed to help you with your stroke fundamentals and get you having fun with entry level competition in a fun, social setting. In every class, players will work on developing their form, consistency, fitness, and ability to rally. They will develop their serve and volley and fundamental game play strategies. Then they will take what they have learned and put it in to action with game play that is interactive and fun!  

Intermediate to Advanced Classes

Adult Tennis with Higgins Tennis / Intermediate to Advanced: Level Up! 
Level up your game! During the first hour of class, players hone their strokes and develop spin, placement and power through drills that are challenging physically and mentally. Then for the last 30 minutes of class, players learn how to build and win points in Singles & Doubles through teamwork, utilizing their strengths, and using smart strategy. Games include: Liveball, Bump, and Coached Match Play. 


Private & Semi-private Lessons​​

Get the one on one instruction from our amazing pros and take your game to the next level. 


Youth Group lessons


We set up your child for success by teaching them in a nurturing and fun environment, where the equipment is scaled to their size, and they are constantly challenged by interactive and social game play

Our core values:

  • Fearless Learning- be bold & courageous ready for any challenge 

  • Rise Together- make new friends and know you belong

  • Joy of Play- fall in love with the sport through inspired & exciting gameplay

  • Pro Technique- swing with effortless & efficient form for a lifetime of success

Average teacher to student ratio of 1 to 6. Children are divided by age and level and earn medals. . All equipment is provided.

Classes meet on most staff development days.

Classes meet at their regularly scheduled time on early dismissal days.

Classes available for:

Ages 5-7

Ages 7-9

Ages 10-12

Summer Camp 2024


This tennis camp is for beginners to intermediate players aged 6-12 years. Children are divided by age and level. All camps feature: development of tennis strokes, rallying skills, and competitive play that is age appropriate. Campers learn teamwork, make friends, and enjoy fun games like Angry Birds Tennis, Skyball, and Big Kahuna. All camps feature HIGGINS BUCKS, Water Fun Day (no swimming), and the Higgins Bucks Store where children buy prizes on Fridays!

Drop off & Pick Up

Camp Dates & Fees coming soon

Create Your Own Group Class!

Have a group of friends with whom you want take tennis or pickleball lessons? Do you have a special event you would like us to run?  Contact us and we can build a group just for you! 

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